Landscaping Services

The exterior appearance of your home is as essential as your interior appearance. To bring your yard to life, landscaping experts are the ones you should hire. They can create and design a plan for your lawn that fits your preference.


A lot of homeowners hire landscapers to boost the curb appeal of your home. A home that is nicely landscaped really stands out. Good curb appeal will entice possible buyers to your home if you ever decide to sell your property.

However, there are still other individuals who enjoy working in their lawn. For them, a lawn that is properly landscaped is a matter of personal pride. You can hire a landscaping company to complete a lot of work other than planting and mowing if you choose not to do your own lawn work. A lot of companies offer landscaping in Fort Worth, San Diego, Oklahoma, Smyrna, and other parts of the United States.

Here are some other services that you can get when you hire a professional landscaper:

  • Leaf Removal

In fall, raking leaves is a huge chore. Luckily, a lot of landscaping companies would do this job for you. Generally, the cost of leaf removal runs around $350 to complete. The cost includes the disposal and hauling fees, and labor.

  • Landscape Lighting

A lot of companies offer exterior lighting options, especially if you are so satisfied with your landscaping that you need to show it at night. To improve your visibility during nighttime, lighting is a good idea along the sidewalks and driveway.

  • Hardscaping

A lot of landscapers take on hardscaping projects if ever you need a new fire pit or patio space. They could also install stone or brick pathways.

  • Aeration

Aeration is usually done in the spring and fall. This service pulls soil, thatch, and plugs of grass from your yard. This will leave some holes on the ground which allows the lawn to properly breathe. Also, it enables water and fertilizer easier access to the roots. Typically, the cost of aeration runs around $100 in fall.

  • Landscape Design

A lot of companies offer design services if you cannot visualize what you want your lawn to look like. They will create the best layout, plant flowerbeds, and pick plants for your yard. If you choose to implement the plan, the service may be free. If not, then you will have to pay the fee for the design plans.

  • Fertilization

This service is also a common advantage of a lawn care package. To help your lawn grow thick grass, companies suggest fertilizing it several times a year. However, it will harm your grass if you use the wrong type of fertilizer or use too much of it. An expert would know that balance it needs. The cost of fertilization is usually calculated by the square foot and the average package of fertilization. Usually, it would cost around $200 up to $300 per year.

Choose which area of your home you want to landscape. You do not have to do the entire lawn altogether. You can always break it up into phases or projects.


How to Hire a Bookkeeper 

Why? Can’t you just do it by yourself? Bookkeeping? Well, if complacency is your thing and failure is your friend, then alright, you can now stop dreaming. BUT! Since you are reading this, I believe you want growth, you want improvement, you want excellence, and you want success! Be it an international or gigantic company or just a small business, you need a bookkeeper as soon as possible! It’s even wisest to have a bookkeeper before starting a business or such. So, the question remains: How to hire a bookkeeping services?


1. Job Description – First thing’s first!

Before posting through different media about the hiring, you need perfect preparations so that you would know what to do next when applicants flood in. Job description is the foundation of hiring as it is the bases of the future decisions such as recruitment process, selection, hiring, and training. It sets both of your expectations and of the applicants’. Job description includes:

  • Job Title – Bookkeeper (Obviously)
  • Brief Job Summary – describes the purpose and nature, and list of tasks and activities of the job
  • Tools and Equipment – this includes accounting software packages such as FreshBooks, Kashoo, and KashFlow. DO NOT RELY on spreadsheets.
  • Job Enviroment – this describes the nature of the business or the company itself
  • Work Performance – this sets the standard the employee must meet and this depends on the salary and compensation you can provide
  • Salary and Compensation – just be fair, okay?
  • Job Competencies – these are the level of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other characteristics you expect upon employment and after trainings

The process of making job description is called job analysis. And it’ll be best if you would consult a more experienced bookkeeper or accountant. Having a good job description will save you from lots of future complications.

2. Job Posting – You’re not selling soap! Be realistic!

Do not sugar-coat your postings because they might attract myriad of applicants, but you will end up dealing with the wrong ones. Do not give too much expectation that the applicants might be disappointed upon employment. “Easy come, easy go.” Bottom line – you’ll just spend so much time, energy, and money for someone who’ll just quit because of disappointment.

3. Recruitment, Screening, and Selection – Business means business!

Given that the applicants have the basic knowledge and skills needed as a bookkeeper, always look for those who have good experience. Bookkeeping is very vital that one cannot afford mistake! Invest on skills and aptitude tests, and also hire a professional bookkeeper for a panel interview. But always be aware on personal biases in screening out applicants, be objective and rational. Best option to lower down risks and time-cost is to connect to employment agencies and search firms, that is, if you have the budget and you don’t have your own recruitment department.

4. Hiring – Now, consider your instincts

Being objective is a must in screening process, but there are many factors that cannot be measured no matter how much we spend. After considering the knowledge, ability, skills, and experiences, it’s time to look at the personality, interests, and character of the applicant. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who’ll just quit after a year or two. And above all, you don’t want to hire someone who is dishonest. Integrity is the number one characteristic a bookkeeper should possess.

Now that you know how to look for a bookkeeper, you can adjust the process as long as it is cost-effective. In other words, make sure you know how much you gonna spend and how worth it it’d gonna be. Remember, advancement and success will have its price.


When to Avail Professional Tree Services

Any yard will look inviting and beautiful if it has trees. However, you will need to keep on maintaining and pruning them just to keep them looking good. Trimming the trees in your yard can be hard for an average homeowner if they don’t have the proper equipment or if the trees are near the power lines. This is the time when you should call a professional.

Professional Tree Services


  • No Proper Equipment

To keep large trees safe and shaped, you will need chainsaws, pruning shears, ladders, and protective equipment. You need to call a professional if you don’t want to rent those equipment or if you don’t have enough knowledge on how to use one. If you hire someone who has knowledge of what they are doing, you will have a peace of mind.

  • Trees Close to Power Lines

Overhead power lines and ground lines are extremely dangerous. Fortunately, there are now professional tree trimmers that are trained to work around dangerous situations and use the best practices to make sure that nothing goes wrong. Do not risk your life just for a few bucks if you want to trim your tree.

  • Reduced Mobility

The garden or yard is one of the most dangerous areas of your home. Each year, thousands of people take nasty falls off ladders. Hiring a tree trimmer can set your mind at ease if you are worried about the effort and time it will take to trim your trees. Tree trimmers have undergone training and have a range of equipment that will aid them safely get the job done.

Now that you know when to hire a professional to trim your trees, the next thing you should know is how to hire and find the best tree service to do the job.

  • Licensure and Credentials

Always check into the credentials of the company because they can do a lot of damage if their employees are not trained properly. You don’t want to place a wager on a company without a license that presents enter-at-your-own-risk gamble. Remember, any service without a license is illegal.

  • Insurance

You don’t want a company that has no adequate insurance coverage working near your home. You should always make sure that the company has worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance.

Worker’s compensation insurance protects both the company’s employees and you by covering any damage that an employee suffers while working on your property.

On the other hand, liability insurance guarantees that the company covers the expenses if it causes any damage to your property.

  • Estimate

Always get an estimate before you hire professional tree service. It may mean that the company is out making a quick money at your expense and might charge you extra fees for services that you didn’t avail if the company don’t want to give an estimate. There are some tree service companies that offer free estimates on their website. One example is a tree service company in Des Moines, Iowa. They provide free estimates on their website: